Unexpected, Passionate, Engaging...Loving Life!

Vicki O'Neill

I learned through 15 years marketing experience that the multi-faceted and quickly evolving world of digital marketing requires being a student by nature, engaging with others in various forms of media and events, strategic thinking and evaluating the "what" to determine the "how" and communicate the "why". Evolving the digital space is a passion!

Unexpected...I surprise people with perception vs. reality.  It's interesting to talk with someone and be open about my love for technology (I am a geek!), age or what I would do with my life if I didn't need a paycheck. 

Passionate...When I know what brings me happiness, I create ways to continue making it happen. To "bucket" my life into three "P" categories - professional, personal and philanthropic - I'm passionate about digital marketing, my children and giving back to others. Thus, happiness :-)  

Engaging...I'm a life student and seek intellectual conversations. The topic can be anything - personal, work, thought provoking or #duh moments. Engaging in various topics with a variety of people is what provides me with a unique and diverse perspective. I created "The Eclectic Blog" as a way to convey a different perspective on any topic. 

I live by the "love life" mentality - if you love life, good things result.

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