Unexpected, Passionate, Engaging...Loving Life!

Vicki O'Neill
When you realize your passion, you want to incorporate it into everything you do.

My professional passion is working with people to identify and solve problems through digital marketing. Often times businesses want a product or solution but don't know "why". I talk with people to understand the need, not the want, and how to integrate solutions for consistent branding and messaging. I love brainstorming, strategy development, new technology and leveraging today's knowledge - with the plethora of research and information of my network friends - to achieve tomorrow's goals. I am a geek and not afraid to admit it! 

In my personal life, my most heartfelt passion is being a mom to my two wonderful daughters (ages 12 and 10) with whom I've been truly blessed. I'm constantly amazed by their insight and find myself learning as much from them as I hope they are from me. I love engaging them in thought provoking conversations! Their perspective can be so different than expected. And, we know how to have fun, too!

A third passion is helping others by giving back to organizations and my community in which I volunteer my time and skills such as A Kid Again and CultureMASH.

My mantra
Learn from yesterday, live for today, look forward to tomorrow. 
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